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Coffee is sensed by the nose, is enjoyed with the eyes and various sensations merge into the mouth thus creating a harmonious whole ranging from bitterness to acidity, reminiscent of chocolate but also of caramel, toasted bread, flowers and tobacco. The most visible part of an espresso is the cream. Looking at the cream, indeed, we can understand if we are confronted with first class quality. It must be consistent and durable, hazelnut in color with dark streaks, a dense texture and no air bubbles nor white spots. Bars and cafeterias to which our brand is entrusted guarantee a perfect preparation, enhancing all the qualities of a Moncafè coffee.


The coffee tree originated in the Abyssinian region of Kaffa. From there, it firstly spread through Yemen and then to Arabia and Egypt. Coffee reached Europe in the 17th century, but it was already of common use among the Arabs since many centuries. The consumption of this beverage, initially called “the Arabian wine”, spread throughout Europe between 1600 and 1700. It was the Venetians who brought it to market and distributed it in Europe and the first shops where you could taste the new beverage were opened up in Venice. The green coffee cultivation, then, also spread throughout the tropical regions of the American continent which nowadays boast the highest share of global production. Coffee is consumed in almost all the world with a huge turnover.


Green coffee arrives at the production plant where a careful selection weeds out the fermented and damaged beans and those that have not reached the right level of ripeness. It is at this point that our specialists come into action by preparing, with knowledgeable care and a wealth of a 40-year experience behind them, the blend which stands at the base of the particular flavor of MONCAFÈ. The beans are thus ready to be roasted, a process performed in a thorough manner with instruments that guarantee no error margins, which gives the coffee its characteristic taste, aroma and color. The degree of roast opted for by Moncafè results in a beverage with a delicate and aromatic taste typical of the Italian conception of coffee, but also appreciated worldwide. The subsequent stages of packaging are remarkably fast and are carried out with the help of robots that are able to preserve the fragrance, taste and aroma of our coffee in the best way.

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